Caravan Storage

Once you’ve got your touring caravan, do you find that it takes up a lot of space to store on your driveway or in your garage?

If this is the case, then you will probably need to consider finding a caravan storage facility close to where you live or if you regularly visit a certain area with your touring caravan, you should perhaps choose that location.

By doing that it means you can drive most of the way in your car as normal, then pick up your caravan close to your destination and then only have to tow it for a short journey which will obviously reduce the chance of something happening to your caravan en-route.

By choosing indoor caravan storage will also mean that your touring caravan is also protected from the worst elements of the British Weather, especially during the harsh winter months.

If you require indoor/undercover caravan storage in the York area, then you should definitely consider RG & A Barker’s Indoor Caravan Storage!

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