Caravan Storage in France

Caravan storage in France? If you’re a touring caravan owner here in the UK, you’ll already know about all the benefits of taking your caravan all over the UK, exploring the various counties and what they have to offer, you may even have touring caravan storage here in the UK. However, what about France? Have you taken a trip across with your caravan across the channel?

Taking your touring caravan over to France for a one-off trip may not be such a big issue, but what if you become a regular holidaymaker in France with your caravan? Obviously, it will depend on your circumstances, your insurance policy and your location, but what about having your caravan storage in France?

Storing your touring caravan in France and picking it up on the way to your caravan holiday would definitely save a lot of travelling with your car towing it – just think of the saving in additional fuel costs if nothing else! Again, be sure to check the terms of your caravan insurance as that will be an important factor, you don’t want to be uncovered in that sense even if your storage is under cover so to speak!

Caravan storage in France – It may not be the ideal solution for everyone, but certainly it’s something to be considered.

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